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About NIIT

NIIT has:

  • 10 specialized lecture rooms and laboratories (total floor space approx. 5,400 sq. ft. / 500 sq. m.)

  • Customer's learning efficiency is maximized through a variety of state-of-the-art training facilities and computer technology, as well as the opportunity to use custom equipment, ensuring high-quality hands-on training. Comfortable classrooms are air-conditioned and equipped with multimedia training aids. All courses include coffee breaks and lunch.

  • 30 professional instructors. NIIT's most valuable resource is its highly professional and experienced faculty. Our committed and skilled educators have impressive first-hand industry experience in the relevant technologies. The NIIT educators have been thoroughly handpicked according to their professionalism and outstanding teaching abilities. All NIIT instructors are highly qualified IT specialists, following closely the trends in information technologies. Some are directly involved in MERA’s software development projects. The NIIT instructors have all the skills essential for a full-range training. The most difficult material is presented in an easy-to-understand form, which makes lectures interesting and provides customers with a deep insight into the subject. The instructors are trained to adjust the difficulty level and course depth to meet the customer’s needs. Outstanding lecturing skills, excellent training, exhaustive knowledge of the subject and its logical presentation allow our instructors to respond easily to the audience’s needs. Our well-rounded and highly experienced instructors can answer any question, and are always open for discussions and exchange of opinions which is also part of the training process. All of this creates an excellent learning environment, ensuring maximum results.

  • Customized training is conducted regularly for many clients based on the official curriculum and additional workshops. We can develop a training program that would address specific topics relevant to your workplace environment. Choosing customized courses gives you flexibility in terms of the course content, length and timing.

  • 200 graduates of MERA Education Center have successfully completed their probation period and are now working for MERA Co.

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